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The Journal of the American Dental Association

JADA April 2014
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ADA News

Introduced in 1970 and published 22 times a year as a member benefit, the ADA News is a newspaper that provides information on socioeconomic and political developments affecting dentistry and health care in general while highlighting ADA services to its membership.  Articles also are published online on the ADA News home page.  The ADA News also is distributed as a PDF via e-mail to members. 

ADA podcasts

ADA podcasts cover topics including Internet Marketing, Finding and Keeping the Patient, Strategic Planning, Taxes and Business Planning, and Hiring and Keeping a Great Dental Team. Learn more about ADA podcasts.

ADA Guide to Dental Therapeutics 5th Edition

Written in collaboration with 27 leading experts, the updated ADA/PDR Guide to Dental Therapeutics, 5th Edition includes the work of dentistry's leading academicians and clinicians. To order this new edition, visit the ADA Catalog.

ADA e-publications

ADA e-publications create a sense of community while providing pertinent, valuable and interesting information affecting the dental profession. Sign up for ADA e-mail publications.