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image: JADA 100The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) is the number one source for news and information that directly affects the dental profession. It is a monthly must-read for anyone concerned with the science, ethics and business of modern dentistry.

JADA is a peer-reviewed journal of the highest scholarly integrity. Every issue contains full-text articles on emerging research trends and in-depth reviews of cutting-edge clinical practices.

In addition to being a scientific journal, JADA is also a professional magazine for dentists. Every issue is loaded with editorials and feature articles on the practical and ethical issues that dentists encounter every day. JADA also covers the latest industry news, ADA events and policy updates that affect your practice.

JADA Online

JADA Online provides free full-text articles as an ADA member benefit from the current issue and searchable archives dating back to January 1975. 

JADA Continuing Education

Earn up to two continuing education credits per month through the JADA Online Continuing Education program. On the JADA Web site, ADA members can access special CE content related to four articles in each issue of JADA. Simply read the article and complete the online test form to receive credit. The CE program also is available in every print edition of JADA.

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JADA is free to ADA members. Please consult the 2014 individual subscription pricing and order form (PDF) for non-member subscription rates or the 2014 institutional subscription pricing and order form (PDF) for institutional subscription rates.  Then simply fill out the order form and receive a new issue of JADA every month at your home or office.

Advertise with JADA

If you want to reach the dental market, JADA can get you there. Target your ad to related feature stories, reviews, editorials and continuing education content for maximum effectiveness and return on investment.  Consult the 2014 JADA print advertising rates for more information.