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"Straight from the Mouth" is a new series of video podcasts produced by the ADA. Hosted by Drs. Ruchi Sahota and Eric Grove, each podcast episode will cover a topic related to oral health. Episode 1 of the monthly series addresses dental anxiety. Episodes include:

  • Introduction to "Straight from the Mouth"
  • Overcoming Dental Anxiety
  • Whitening (coming soon)
  • Oral Piercing (coming soon)
  • Importance of Dental Checkups (coming soon)
  • Dental Care While Traveling to Other Countries (coming soon)

The American Dental Association's podcast Straight from the Mouth™ provides general information on dental treatments. It is designed to prompt discussion between dentists and patients about treatment options and does not constitute medical advice or substitute for the dentist’s professional assessment based on the individual patient’s needs and wishes.

Please note: The ADA does not provide specific answers to individual questions about fees, dental problems, conditions, diagnoses, treatments or proposed treatments, or requests for research. Information about dental referrals, complaints and a variety of dental procedures may be found here. You can also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions.