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ADA PatientSmart

The easy, affordable way to put ADA patient education brochures and videos on your website

PatientSmart is a library of concise ADA patient education website content—all accessible right from your site when you add an easy-to-install button on your home page.

Select which topics to display and patients see a list of treatments you recommend. Patients can view videos—or read text and see images—drawn from the ADA’s best-selling brochures. You can even e-mail the content to patients before or after an office visit.

PatientSmart benefits your practice: ADA-created, ADA-quality content builds practices and reputations
  • Dentists and patients alike know that the American Dental Association is the most up-to-date, reliable information source when it comes to dental health. 
  • ADA content on your website adds credibility—and helps convert your web visitors into new patients.
Affordable, clear, concise content that works
  • Choose from up to 26 different topics that support your oral health messages. Videos and easily printed web pages give patients the right amount of detail as they follow your treatment plan.
  • Subscribe for a one-time start-up fee of $99 plus just $29.95/month. 
Your time is valuable—PatientSmart helps you make the most of it
  • Sharing information with patients before or after their dental visit ensures that your chairside time is used efficiently—even saving a few minutes each day can more than pay for the cost of your PatientSmart subscription.
  • You can email any PatientSmart topic with ease.
  • An educated patient is more likely to follow through on your recommendations and make return visits.
  • Get a stronger web presence even as you spend time less time on admin issues and more time on dentistry.
It’s easy to install, risk-free
  • With just one small block of code pasted into your dental practice website, PatientSmart is up and running. An ADA-sponsored hotline offers one-on-one set-up assistance should you need it.
  • It’s turnkey: whenever ADA content is updated, that’s what your patients will see—no upgrades, no new editions, no special software.
  • PatientSmart information is maintained by the ADA so it’s never outdated or incorrect.
  • Cancel your subscription anytime.

See a sample page and video.

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