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Advertisement: Ivoclar

An International Organization for Standardization working group wants manufacturers to modify labels that proclaim a dental product nickel-free even as potentially harmful trace amounts remain in metal materials.

The meaning of the term "group practice" has evolved. 

Editor's note: This is the second in a series of articles about Internet marketing that features interviews with ADA members to describe how PBHS, the website and marketing services provider endorsed by ADA Business Resources, is helping dentists address today's marketing challenges.

The use of social media as a platform to promote, as well as educate and engage patients, is no longer just a viable marketing strategy but one that must be utilized to stay competitive, according to PBHS.

The American Academy of Periodontology is inviting dentists and dental team members to its annual spring conference in Chicago.

Need to welcome a new patient? Update content on your practice's website? Or maybe explain how dental insurance works?

The stereotype often seen in movies of peasants with blackened and gapped teeth during the Middle Ages may just be a myth.

Santa Fe, N.M.—Dr. Jane Selbe, a trailblazer for women dentists as a clinician, mentor and leader, died at her home in Santa Fe on March 8. She was 87.

Editor’s note: For a closer look at what is happening with manufacturers and companies in dentistry today, the ADA News is launching Industry Watch. The aim is to feature news about industry achievements, outreach and the people who bring dental products to the office. The ADA News welcomes dental industry news items at

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