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ADA Foundation disaster aid available for Colorado, New Mexico flooding

Dentists who are adversely affected by flooding in Colorado and New Mexico can turn to the ADA Foundation for emergency disaster assistance.

The ADA Foundation may provide a measure of immediate financial assistance to eligible dentists through its Emergency Disaster Grant Program.
The program has been designed to quickly provide up to $2,000 in aid to dentists with immediate need for food, water, clothing, shelter and medications in the wake of a declared disaster.

Eligible dentists may apply by submitting a simple application form directly to the Foundation. The application is available at

The ADAF also accepts contributions for its Emergency Disaster Grant Program in its efforts to provide more grant assistance to those in need. To support the Foundation, call 1-312-440-2547 or go to the How to Help page where donations can be made through PayPal.

For information on what to do when planning for, facing or recovering from a disaster crisis, visit the Association's Disaster Recovery page.