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New video highlights CDHCs in action

In just five minutes, viewers can get a video update on how the ADA's Community Dental Health Coordinator program is enhancing the oral health of underserved patients in urban, rural and American Indian communities.

The video, at or on, shows some of the 34 CDHCs in action in their communities. CDHCs currently work in 26 clinics in seven states.

The CDHC is a dental team member whose primary functions are oral health education, disease prevention, and helping patients in need of care navigate the system to secure and keep appointments with dentists.
The ADA pilot project began in 2006. The last of three cohorts of CDHCs completed their training at the end of 2012. A comprehensive evaluation of the program is under way. Preliminary results of that evaluation, along with a complete history of the CDHC program are available in the report, Breaking Down Barriers to Oral Health for All Americans: The Community Dental Health Coordinator. For a copy of the 12-page report, visit, click on the "Advocacy" link at the top of the home page, then the report link on the left side of the Advocacy page.