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Who's who of JADA editors

Since its introduction a century ago, JADA has had an even dozen editors, including the current editor, Dr. Michael Glick.

 Editor  Term
 Otto U. King  1913-1925
 Charles N. Johnson  1925-1938
 L. Pierce Anthony  1938-1944
 Harold Hillenbrand  1944-1947
 Lon W. Morrey  1947-1963
 Leland C. Hendershot  1963-1973
 Herbert C. Butts  1974-1977
 Roger H. Scholle  1978-1986
 William Wathen  1987-1990
 Lawrence H. Meskin  1990-2001
 Marjorie K. Jeffcoat  2001-2004
 Michael Glick  2005-present