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Honorary members get their due

Las Vegas—Every year, the ADA Board of Trustees recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the art and science of dentistry by making them honorary members.

In 2011, the ADA bestowed honorary memberships on Dr. Choo Teck Chuan, Jocelyn Lance, Frances Miliano and Jeanne Rude. The awards were presented Oct. 13 during the ADA Annual Session.

As program director for the FDI World Dental Federation, Dr. Choo Teck Chuan is credited with bringing global oral health and educational initiatives to more than 20 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2000, the FDI gave Dr. Chuan its most prestigious award by adding his name to the FDI List of Honor.

“Dr. Chuan has been an asset to many ADA members and volunteers over the length of his career,” said Dr. Kathryn A. Kell, chair of the ADA Committee on International Programs and Development. “He has collaborated with ADA volunteers involved in the FDI and other organizations by sponsoring many ADA members and others from the United States as speakers in dental programs and congresses on almost every continent.”

“He will long be remembered for continuing dental education programs he initiated for well over a decade in parts of the world where few opportunities for CE existed,” added Dr. Greg Chadwick, a past president of the ADA.

“Simply put, he has been and will always remain one of our greatest ambassadors,” said Dr. Stephen J. Moss, professor emeritus of the New York University College of Dentistry.

Jocelyn Lance “has been the spark of the Virginia chapter of the Alliance of the American Dental Association,” said Dr. Terry Dickinson, executive director of the Virginia Dental Association.

Ms. Lance has served the Alliance and the VDA as a member of the VDA political action committee board and legislative committees, and has been the Alliance member of ADPAC and the ADA Council on Government Affairs, where she provided valuable assistance with organized dentistry’s advocacy efforts.

“She is a doer and not just a talker,” said Dr. Dickinson. “To have someone willing to take time out of her personal life to serve this profession in so many ways speaks volumes to her character and belief in the profession of dentistry.”

Dr. David Whiston, a past ADA president from Virginia, called Ms. Lance “a tireless worker” on the local, state and national levels, “from the halls of Congress to Missions of Mercy, helping to care for the less fortunate.”

Frances Miliano has provided leadership to the Maine Dental Association for the past 24 years—serving as executive director for 20 of those years. She is retiring in March 2012.

Dr. James Schmidt, an MDA member who was part of the executive director search committee when she was hired, said: “We knew she would be competent and fiercely loyal to our members, but we had no concept as to how well she would be respected among the other New England execs. Her professionalism and understanding of dentistry has led her to becoming a trusted and exceptional spokesperson for dentistry in Maine.”

Already an honorary member of the MDA, Ms. Miliano began her career working in a dental office before transitioning to the MDA headquarters.

“She was the pleasant face at the MDA who could always answer our questions” in the early days, said Dr. Karl Woods, a past MDA president. Having the opportunity to work alongside Ms. Miliano in leadership capacities for the past 15 years, he said: “I am amazed at her dedication to our members and our profession on the local, state and national levels.”

Jeanne Rude has led the Wisconsin Dental Association as its chief operating officer for the past 35 years. Said Dr. Paul Oberbreckling, a WDA member: “It would be hard to imagine what the association would look like today if she had chosen some other career path.”

Dr. S. Timothy Rose, a past ADA president and WDA member, called Ms. Rude a “vital cog in the wheel that makes WDA function. As dentists come and go in the organized profession, it is the professional staff that keeps the association stable and moving forward. That’s what Jeanne has done for the Wisconsin Dental Association,” said Dr. Rose.

Dr. Gene Shoemaker, WDA president, attributes the WDA’s high membership market share—83 percent—to Ms. Rude’s stewardship of the WDA. “Obviously our members appreciate the value that they receive in belonging to organized dentistry,” Dr. Shoemaker said.

“She has proven herself to be an untiring advocate for the dental profession and the patients dentistry serves,” added Dr. John Sadowski, a past WDA president.

IMAGE: Dr. Choo Teck Chuan, Jocelyn Lance, Frances Miliano and Jeanne Rude
Honored: From left, Dr. Choo Teck Chuan, Jocelyn Lance, Frances Miliano and Jeanne Rude display their honorary membership certificates Oct. 13 at the House of Delegates. Photo by EZ Event Photography