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CODA seeks public members for review committees

The Commission on Dental Accreditation is calling for nominations to fill vacancies for public members of its review committees.

Public nominees should not have a formal or informal connection to dentistry, but should have an interest in or knowledge of health-related accreditation issues. The nominee must not be:

  1. a dentist or an allied dental member;
  2. a member of dental, advanced or allied dental faculty;
  3. an employee member of  a governing board, owner or shareholder of, or consultant to a dental, advanced or allied dental education program accredited by CODA or applied for accreditation;
  4. a member or employee of any professional/trade association, licensing/regulatory agency; membership in an organization related to, affiliated with or associated with CODA, dental education or dentistry;
  5. a spouse, parent, child or sibling of an individual identified in A through D.

Review committee members will:

  • be responsible for review of all policy matters, site visit and progress reports, applications for accreditation and special reports on accredited programs; 
  • be required to make a significant time commitment;
  • serve as consultants to the commission and are required to complete the Web-based Site Visitor Training prior to serving on the committee;
  • be required to become familiar with the CODA Training Manual and participate in a full day of training at ADA Headquarters. Duties may include participation in site visits and ad hoc committees, in addition to review committee or commission responsibilities;
  • be expected to be accessible and able to communicate by fax, electronic mail and the commission’s Web-based communication tools.

If you know someone who may be interested in volunteering for a review committee position, contact CODA at or Ext. 4653.