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Drink Less Sugar kit available through ADA Catalog

Drink Less Sugar kit available through ADA Catalog

Sports drinks and sodas may taste good but they can wreak havoc on teeth.

Sugar consumption is at an all-time high among Americans, prompting ADA members who participated in focus groups to name sports drinks and sodas as culprits of decay and disease.

The ADA Catalog has expanded its line of patient education products. The new Drink Less Sugar kit (W751) includes the poster (W748), a matching 50-sheet tablet for kids to fill out (W749) and a 50-pack of the Tooth Decay brochure (W303).

These products confront youths with the amount of sugar in common drinks and illustrate healthier choices. With tear-off sheets to hand out, the tablet provides a simple and engaging activity for classroom visits. The brochure shows the harm sugar and frequent snacks can do. Color 3-D illustrations follow the progress of decay all the way to abscess formation.

The Drink Less Sugar kit is $45.95 for members and $68.95 for nonmembers. Item are available individually under the product codes listed.

Order from the ADA Catalog at or by calling 1-800-947-4746. From now until Nov. 30, save 15 percent on all ADA Catalog products with priority code 11178.