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Listen to experts discuss clinical issues in new CE course

Based on the popularity of a 2010 ADA continuing education course, the ADA Division of Global Affairs and Australian Dental Association have created a new course in which dentists and researchers with expertise in their fields discuss a range of clinical and practice management topics.

The course, Interviews With the Experts on Key Topics Affecting Dentistry Today (Part 2), is available on ADA CE Online ( Six speakers describe the impact of their subject matter on the current issues facing dentistry, including:

  • Dr. Henry Gremillion on head and neck pain;
  • Dr. Jon Suzuki on the role of plaque biofilm on periodontal disease;
  • Julie Frantsve-Hawley, Ph.D., on fluoride delivery;
  • Pat Sammon, Ph.D., on the extensive tooth decay that results from methamphetamine use, known as “meth mouth”;
  • Dr. Mark Schifter on “polypharmacy”—the use of multiple medications—in older patients;
  • Dr. Angus Colquhoun on pain management.

Dr. John Clarkson, a past member of the ADA Committee on International Programs and Development, guided the development of the course. Visit to access the interview series and earn one unit of CE.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to describe different kinds of head and neck pain; three ways that plaque biofilm affects periodontal tissues; types of fluoride delivery systems and their benefits; clinical symptoms and effects of meth mouth; the challenges of polypharmacy in older patients; and types of pain control methods for routine and chronic pain.