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ADA Peer Review and Mediation workshop a success in Idaho

Sun Valley, Idaho—It's of Dr. Jack Mooney's opinion that you not wait. 

Dr. Mooney was among the dentists who participated July 28 in the Idaho Peer Review and Mediation workshop during the Idaho State Dental Association’s annual meeting. The title of the program seems self-explanatory but to those who have attended the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs peer review workshop, it’s much more.

“We had one of the best workshops, learning situations that I have not seen in a long time,” said Dr. Mooney, who practices in Pocatello, Idaho, and is a former member of CDBP. “I would recommend every state that has not had a peer review workshop to contact the council, and, together with trained council members and great ADA staff members, they will be able to equip themselves to function at a very high level.”

The Idaho event is just one example of the peer review training workshops CDBP conducts at the request of constituent and component dental societies.

Presentations help dentists learn about the peer review process, allow them to learn mediation skills through role playing and provide them with the materials to conduct their own peer review programs. It’s all part of CDBP’s continuing support of peer review education for the profession.

“The ADA really did a super job,” said Dr. Mark Alexander, past chair of the ISDA’s peer review committee.

Having knowledge and background on peer review, Dr. Alexander said he posed some tough questions about the process but ADA staff were able to provide great answers.

“We made it very informal and very interactive,” Dr. Alexander said. “I would absolutely recommend that other states take advantage of this ADA resource.”

Dr. Mooney echoes his colleague’s statements, saying the program has made a big difference in how Idaho tackles peer review.

“Nothing is healthier for dental associations than a strong, active peer review,” Dr. Mooney said. “I have seen our own peer review handled in a much more efficient and timely fashion because of the training we have received from the workshop program. Do not wait to get your state involved.”

For more information on hosting a peer review workshop, contact Dr. Krishna Aravamudhan at