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Officite is first provider to launch ADA Web Developer Program

The American Dental Association has selected Officite as the first provider to launch the Association’s Web Developer Program.

Officite, a dental website and Internet marketing company that is not affiliated with the ADA, was selected to operate as an independent contractor under this new member benefit program developed by the Association.

Officite now offers web-based ADA patient education brochures and Toothflix videos, which can be used on dental practice websites. Dentists can contact Officite to help build a website for their practice; discuss how to get the best placement among Google or other search engine results; work on social networking; and add ADA-branded brochures and videos to their website.

“Having the branded content from the ADA is the most exciting thing for the dentist because the patient sees the content that is on their dentist’s website is endorsed and created by the ADA,” said Glenn Lombardi, Officite president.

Officite was founded in 2002 and is recognized for its website designs and marketing solutions for the medical community. The ADA Web Developer Program was created in response to members wanting ADA patient education brochure content—formerly only available as printed leaflets—and Toothflix videos on their websites. The ADA collaborates with web developers, which have the technical expertise of developing and hosting websites.

Through its print and electronic catalogs, the ADA already sells patient brochures and Toothflix DVDs to dentists to display or show in their offices. But as dentists’ presence on the Web increases, the Association is expanding to make its content available online.

Dentists interested in creating a professional website, which includes ADA-branded patient education materials, should visit Officite’s special ADA member page at

The ADA’s Web Developer Program is not exclusive to Officite—the Association is interested in recruiting more dental website providers to join the program. For more information, contact Debbie Labinger, licensing coordinator, at

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