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Types of institutions that sponsor dental education

The source of financial support for dental schools is either public, private or private-state related:

  • A private educational institution is controlled by a private individual(s) or by a nongovernmental agency, usually supported primarily by other than public funds, and operated by other than publicly elected or appointed officials. These institutions may be either for-profit or not-for profit. Private institutions sponsored 17 dental education programs in 2010.
  • A private-state related institution is a privately supported program that receives a per capita enrollment subsidy from the state (e.g., some states allocate a prescribed dollar amount per state resident enrolled in their programs). Four dental education programs—University of Detroit Mercy, Temple University, University of Pittsburgh and Marquette University—are private-state related institutions.
  • A public educational institution is one whose programs and activities are operated by publicly elected or appointed school officials and supported primarily by public funds. Public institutions sponsor 37 predoctoral dental education programs.
  • There are also proprietary institutions, which are for-profit colleges and universities that are operated by their owners or investors, rather than a not-for-profit institution, religious organization or government. No proprietary institutions currently sponsor predoctoral dental education programs.