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Registration deadline set for CE course aimed at minimal, moderate sedation providers

The registration deadline for the Part 2 workshop of the ADA continuing education course, Recognition and Management of Complications During Minimal and Moderate Sedation, is Sept. 16.

The course is being offered only one time this year: Oct. 27-28 at ADA Headquarters in Chicago.

Designed for dentists who provide sedation, the course emphasizes patient monitoring and airway management. Part 2 is a hands-on session using high-fidelity human simulators that are programmed to mimic emergency situations that a dentist administering sedation could actually face in the office, such as severe asthma, airway obstruction and respiratory depression.

Part 1 is a didactic portion that dentists take on their own on ADA CE Online at Part 1 must be completed prior to attending the Part 2 workshop.

Registration forms are online at For more information, call Ext. 2694.