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Cement standard available for review

The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs has approved for circulation for review and comment Proposed ADA Specification No. 96-Dental Water-Based Cements.

The proposed standard is a revision of ANSI/ADA Specification No. 96-2000 (R2005) and a modified adoption of ISO 9917-1:2007, Dentistry-Water-Based Cements-Part 1: Powder/Liquid Acid-Base Cements and ISO 9917-2:2010, Dentistry-Water-Based Cements-Part 2: Resin-Modified Cements. Part 1 of ADA Specification No. 96 specifies requirements and test methods for powder/liquid acid-base dental cements intended for permanent cementation, lining and restoration. Part 1 is applicable to both hand-mixed and capsulated cements for mechanical mixing. Part 1 specifies limits for each of the properties according to whether the cement is intended for use as a luting agent, a base or liner, or as a restorative material. Part 1 of this standard is not intended to address resin-modified water-based cements, which are addressed in Part 2.

A copy of the draft specification may be obtained by calling the ADA toll-free number, Ext. 2506, or emailing