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SurePayroll offers first mobile paycheck app for employees

SurePayroll, the only payroll company endorsed for ADA members by ADA Business Resources, announced Sept. 16 the release of its Mobile Paycheck app to accompany its Mobile Payroll app.

Mobile Paycheck enables employees of SurePayroll customers to conveniently view payroll information on their iPhones, iPads or iPod Touches for free.

Because paychecks are often variable for hourly employees, and even salary employees who change deductions such as retirement contribution amounts, SurePayroll developed Mobile Paycheck so employees can find out how much they’ve earned the second they get paid, and access important benefits information from wherever they are.

The app provides instant access to paycheck details including earnings, taxes and year-to-date totals, as well as used, available and earned vacation, sick and personal time. Employees can view their wage rates and retirement deduction contribution rates and access past pay stubs.

Steve Kania, vice president of product management for SurePayroll, says that in addition to obtaining wage information, the app offers a convenient way to view other types of payroll information.

“It’s amazing how often employees need to access payroll data,” said Mr. Kania. “They need past paystubs when getting a home loan; they need to know their vacation accrual before planning time off; and they need retirement contribution amounts when meeting with a financial planner. In the past employees could only access their SurePayroll accounts securely online. With Mobile Paycheck, that information is available to them wherever they are, in just a few touches on the screen.”

The app is the first of its kind and follows SurePayroll’s Mobile Payroll app—the first payroll app for business owners that has received numerous awards, including the 2010 Innovation Award by CPA Technology Advisor.

Launched in December 2009, the Mobile Payroll app is used by thousands of SurePayroll customers to conveniently process payroll and view employee payroll data on their iPhones, iPod Touches or iPads. The two apps together enhance mobile payroll accessibility for SurePayroll customers and their employees.

Dr. Ronald Widen uses SurePayroll in his Chicago dental practice, and enjoys the convenience.

“In the past, I would be out of the office and remember that payroll was due. I would have to remember to do it when I got home, but often forgot,” said Dr. Widen. “Now I can process on the run from wherever I am. It’s easy and quick and works great.”

To get the app, employees can search under “SurePayroll Mobile Paycheck” in iTunes and download the app for free. The app will work for anyone whose employer has a SurePayroll account. Dentists wanting to use the free Mobile Payroll app to process payroll can search under “SurePayroll Mobile Payroll” in iTunes.

Thousands of dentists already rely on SurePayroll to process payroll on demand in as little as two minutes. In addition to exclusive ADA member pricing—nearly 30 percent off standard pricing—ADA members receive free W2s and 1099s for their first year and automatic deposit and filing of all federal, state and local payroll taxes.

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