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House OKs 2011 budget

Orlando, Fla.—The 2010 ADA House of Delegates Oct. 13 approved a 2011 operating budget of $116 million in expenses and $115 million in revenue, calling for a dues increase of $7 plus a separate special assessment of $23 to pay for information technology infrastructure upgrades.

ADA dues for 2011 will be $505, separate from the $23 one-time IT special assessment.

Dr. Edward Leone Jr., ADA treasurer, commented after the meeting on the work done at the House. “It was gratifying to see the Board of Trustees and the House of Delegates come together in a fiscally responsible fashion to control expenses and to still promote additional services to members. It is my hope and expectation that this particular pattern can be reproduced at future House of Delegates meetings.”

Newly installed ADA President Ray Gist also expressed his satisfaction with the 2010 effort. “This has been one of the best House of Delegates I have attended since becoming active at the national level. I am enthusiastic about what this means for our ability to meet the needs of the future. We have been given a clear path.”

He cited the information technology special assessment as the biggest initiative for the coming year.  “These upgrades will keep as at the forefront in our ability to communicate with members and providing efficient member benefits.”

The money for the special assessment will pay for a combination of information technology improvements that were driven primarily by three key factors:

  • Postponement of required software upgrades in an effort to reduce operating expenses: Since 2006, the Division of Information Technology has performed under budget in response to increasing pressure to reduce expenditures, which has resulted in postponed upgrades of required software.
  • Stabilization of systems core to the operation of the ADA: The current customer management relationship system was adapted from a commercial solution when the ADA invested in it eight years ago. Since then, specific association management software packages have been developed that offer greater applicability to an association as well as establishing a platform for application development that is low cost and reliable as compared the current software.
  • Upgrades necessary to enable the Association’s Strategic Plan. This would tie in ADA strategic goals with the budgeting and financial analysis process.

The special assessment will provide $2.5 million to fund the upgrades. The expenses not covered in the operating budget by the $7 dues increase will be funded through the estimated net surplus of the combined 2009 and 2010 estimated results, to balance the 2011 budget.

More details on House actions will appear in upcoming issues of the print ADA News and online on