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EBD launches patient Web page, mobile app for dentists

EBD launches patient Web page, mobile app for dentists

The ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry has added a patient information section and a mobile version to its website for the latest oral health-related information.

Unlike the part of the website geared toward the professionals, the patient section contains plain language summaries—or shorter summary versions of systematic reviews—that present only the key points from the reviews in a user-friendly manner so that patients can understand better the science behind treatment options.

Some of the more popular items so far include summaries on fluoridated toothpaste and premature loss of primary first molars. Topics span everything from dentures to implants to smoking.

In addition to the patient information section, the EBD website now has a new smart phone version available for dentists at

The new mobile version—intended for all health care professionals—provides access to the full database of systematic reviews and all critical summaries and plain language summaries. It also provides access to clinical recommendations/guidelines. There is also a share feature that enables users to add a page from the EBD mobile site to their favorite social networking sites without having to copy the URL.

"Dentists were looking for a mobile version of the EBD website so that they could access it on their smart phones,"

EBD website
explained Julie Frantsve-Hawley, Ph.D., director, ADA Center for EBD. "Because we had grant funds available we were able to quickly respond to this request and they now have immediate access to our database of systematic reviews, critical summaries and plain language summaries no matter where they are."

The website is supported by National Library of Medicine/National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (G08 LM008956).

For more information about the EBD website, visit