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Session exhibitors to be recognized for using DR dental programs

The American Dental Association will recognize three exhibiting companies at annual session for using direct reimbursement dental programs for their employees.

Resolutions 53H-2003 and 15H-2004, Incentives for Companies Providing Goods and Services to the Dental Community, were intended to recognize exhibitors at annual session that have implemented patient and dentist-friendly dental programs for their employees.

The following exhibitors responded to an ADA survey indicating they have implemented direct reimbursement plans for their employees and will be recognized this year in Orlando:

  • Global Surgical Corp., St. Louis, Booth 2013
  • McGill & Hill Group LLC, Charlotte, N.C., Booth 1439
  • PREAT Corp., Santa Ynez, Calif., Booth 1027

The council encourages dentists to visit these exhibitors' booths and thank them for offering a direct reimbursement dental program to their employees.