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Leaders discuss dental lab issues

The American Dental Association and other interested stakeholders have spent the past several years meeting, discussing and brainstorming ways to help the dental laboratory industry thrive.

The Council on Dental Practice and others participating in this effort believe the interaction between the two groups is one of the most critical issues facing the dental lab industry.

Here are some recent events held to discuss dental lab issues:

  • The 2009 ADA Future of Dental Laboratory Technology Conference was directed by the 2008 House of Delegates to expand information gathering efforts. The conference included a discussion on the current state of dental laboratory services training in the United States and actions participating organizations could take to ensure the quality of prosthetic services delivered in the United States remains high. Those in attendance included representatives from ADA staff, council members and trustees; Academy of General Dentistry; American Student Dental Association; National Association of Dental Laboratories; Prosthodontic Forum; dental lab owners; lab publication editors; and lab program directors.
  • The CDP's Subcommittee on the Future of Dental Laboratory Technology convened conference calls to discuss critical issues throughout the year. Its actions include recommendations made at the May Council on Dental Practice meeting to propose dental lab issues resolutions to the 2010 House of Delegates.
  • Dental Lab Summits have been held annually for the past six years to bring together concerned stakeholders to discuss critical lab issues. The summits are a meeting of dental laboratory owners, industry, publishers, dentists and others concerned about changes.

Dr. William Yancey, assistant dean at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Dentistry, is one of the original founders of the summit. ADA representatives attending this year's summit included staff from the Commission on Dental Accreditation, Council on Dental Education and Licensure, CDP and the Hillenbrand fellow.

The Council on Dental Practice is sending a supplemental report on dental laboratory issues resolutions to the ADA House of Delegates in October (in Orlando, Fla.). The Board of Trustees reviewed the report during its Sept. 12-14 meeting in Chicago as part of its regular annual review of resolutions and reports that are being transmitted to the House.