Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (JCNDE)

The JCNDE is the agency responsible for the development and administration of the National Board Dental Examinations. This 15-member Commission includes representatives from dental schools, dental practice, state dental examining boards, dental hygiene, dental students, and the public.

The Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INBDE)  is a new examination being developed by the Committee for an Integrated Examination (CIE), a special committee of the JCNDE. The CIE is charged with the development of the INBDE, which will eventually replace the current NBDE Part I and Part II. This is expected to be a long term project. At least four years notice will be provided before implementation.

Mission Statement

"The JCNDE develops and conducts highly reliable, state of the art cognitive examinations that assist regulatory agencies in making valid decisions regarding licensure of oral health care professionals, develops and implements policy for the orderly, secure, and fair administration of its examinations, and is a leader and resource in assessment for the oral health care profession."

Apply to Serve as a Public Member of the JCNDE

The JCNDE is charged with electing a public member to serve as a commissioner. The term of the current JCNDE public member will end in October 2014. Applications are now being accepted for the 2014-2018 term.

It is suggested that the public member not be employed by a firm with a substantial interest in dentistry or dental hygiene, and that the public member be experienced in health issues, testing, credentialing, or advocating the interest of the public. Not more than five percent of the public member’s income shall be derived from the Joint Commission, dentistry, or dental hygiene.

The public member shall not be a (n):

  • Dentist
  • Dental hygienist
  • Dental student
  • Dental hygiene student
  • Faculty member of an accredited dental school or dental hygiene program
  • Employee of the Joint Commission
  • Member of another health profession
  • Professional who has represented the Joint Commission, dental profession, or dental hygiene profession for a fee in the last five years
  • Spouse of any of the above

Interested applicants should download and complete the following application, include a current resume, and apply by the March 14, 2014 deadline.

Current JCNDE Members and Appointing Organizations

The following individuals are current members of the JCNDE:

Connie Drisko, DDS (ADEA), JCNDE Chair
LeeAnn Podruch, DDS, JD (AADB), JCNDE Vice Chair
Luis J. Fujimoto, DMD (AADB)
Mary Lou Gerosky, CDA, RDH, M Ed (ADHA)
Robert A. Hersh, DDS (ADA)
Jiwon Lee, BA (ASDA)
Frank W. Licari, DDS (ADEA)
Marc E. Levitan, DDS (ADEA)
Conrad McVea III, DDS (AADB)
Rhett Murray, DDS (ADA)
Patricia Ann Parker, DMD (AADB)
David Perkins, DMD (AADB)
Lorin D. Peterson, DDS (ADA)
Ms. Kelley Shannon, MBA, CPA (Public Member)
Michael Reggie VanderVeen, DDS (AADB)

The following individuals are current liaisons and observers of the JCNDE:
Brian E. Scott, DDS (ADA Board Liaison)
Kristopher Mendoza, BS (student observer, ASDA)

Wanted: Test Constructors

The JCNDE is looking for qualified test constructors to generate questions for the National Board Dental and Dental Hygiene examinations. Find test constructor vacancy information and download the National Board Orientation Manual.

Case Materials

Continually, the JCNDE seeks patient case materials for the National Board Dental Examinations.  A $500 stipend is provided for accepted case materials.  To be a contributor, read the submission details in the guides below: