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The American Dental Association is your network to the global dental community. Oral health transcends the confines of national boundaries and is the shared concern of dentists worldwide. 

The Division of Global Affairs is the Association's liaison in the exchange of knowledge and experience in oral health matters worldwide: improving the quality of health care worldwide and linking dental professionals to events, organizations and activities around the world. Providing a global perspective to ADA members is important to the ADA.

The Division of Global Affairs helps members to meet this goal through a number of objectives and intiatives:

  • Distribute information on emerging and relevant international issues of global oral health
  • Increase access to care internationally by providing members with volunteer opportunities
  • Build collaboration, increase advocacy and enhance the reputation of the ADA among government and non-government organizations and national dental societies
  • Develop international business opportunities for the ADA
  • Create opportunities for international affiliate members to share expertise and information globally
  • Position the ADA as an active partner in the global oral health arena, with the ultimate goal of contributing to improvements in global oral health

Get Involved

As a U.S. member of the ADA, you can make a difference in improving oral health care around the globe by volunteering your expertise in developing countries. Visit our Volunteering section to learn more and explore opportunities.

If you live and are licensed outside the U.S., you can join the ADA as an Affiliate member to experience many benefits and access ADA resources. Visit the International Affiliate Membership page to learn more about becoming an Affiliate member.


The Division of Global Affairs is a division of the ADA and manages all of the Association's international efforts. The Committee on International Programs and Development (CIPD) provides input to the ADA Board of Trustees and ADA agencies on international activities that align with the Association's strategic plan. Composed of nine individuals with international dental experience, the CIPD meets twice annually. More information on the committee and copies of meeting minutes are available online.

The International Development Subcommittee, a subcommittee of the CIPD, assists the ADA in improving oral health and oral healthcare infrastructure in developing countries through humanitarian outreach and development programs, thereby furthering the ADA's goal of being the leading advocate for oral health.

Contact Us

Contact the Division of Global Affairs at or +1-312-440-2726 or contact the Office of Affiliate Membership at or +1-312-440-2389. For other contacts at the ADA, please visit our online directory.