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This downloadable document contains major policies adopted by the American Dental Association House of Delegates from 1954 through 2010 that are still in effect in 2011, except for policies that appear in the Association's Constitution and Bylaws and Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct. Other actions of the House which are generally more directive in nature are not included as major policy. Policies adopted in earlier years were published in Digest of Official Actions, 1946–1953 and Digest of Official Actions, 1922–1946.

Within each classification, the policy resolutions and statements are arranged in reverse chronological order. The citations show the year and page number, for both the original policy and amendments, from the annual Transactions of the American Dental Association. All amendments have been integrated with original policy resolutions and statements.

An individual wishing to trace the development of American Dental Association policies will find it convenient to use the Index of Official Actions, which shows the page numbers in Transactions of all actions of the House of Delegates and Board of Trustees.