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Statement by American Dental Association President William R. Calnon, DDS, on the Report 'Oral Health Quality Improvement in the Era of Accountability'

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“Representatives from the ADA and other oral health advocates and stakeholders from around the nation gathered at a conference in Washington, D.C., yesterday to examine how such factors as costs, technology, delivery systems and dental practice operations affect the quality of oral health and oral health care in America.  The conference and the report issued in connection with it are positive signs of the increasing recognition of the importance of oral health to overall health and well-being.  The conference brought together elements of the dental profession, other health professions, the educational community, private industry and the charitable sector to bring their varied and formidable expertise to bear on breaking down the barriers that impede too many Americans from achieving optimal oral health.

“The ADA supports efforts, untainted by political agendas, to bring more people into a system that already provides the majority of Americans with the best oral health care in the world.  The ADA remains committed to working with all interested parties toward controlling costs, maximizing information technology, promoting evidence-based dentistry and other means of enhancing this system.  Our Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry provides dentists with guidance in making clinical decisions.  We convened and have led the Dental Quality Alliance to advance performance measurement as a means of improving oral health, patient care and safety. We share the conference participants’ goal of improving the oral health of all Americans through education, prevention and care.  And our bottom line remains enabling good oral health through the delivery of high quality, safe and effective clinical services to patients.  

“Discussions that bring together more individuals and organizations and their relative expertise can only further our common goal of a healthier, more productive nation.”