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Thank you for contacting the ADA Foundation (ADAF).  The ADAF is pleased to accept donations to support its charitable mission. 

You can donate online to support the area of greatest need, or you can direct your donation to a specific cause.  Please be sure to click the "Donate Now!" button next to the cause of your choice below. 

These buttons will take you to PayPal, where you can make your donation using a credit card or your own PayPal account.  (PayPal will ask you to input a shipping address, which is the address the ADA Foundation will use when sending your donation acknowledgment letter.)

NEW - Donations Now Being Accepted 
for Typhoon Haiyan (Philippines) Disaster Assistance

The ADA Foundation encourages, and is accepting, donations to help disaster relief efforts in the Philippines, specifically for dentists and others providing dental care in the aftermath Typhoon Haiyan. All donations will be combined, and a grant will be issued from the ADAF directly to the ADA’s Division of Global Affairs, which will identify and work with a reputable nonprofit (NGO) to distribute the funds appropriately to serve the greatest need.* The ADA Foundation is not accepting applications for individual grants related to this disaster. Please make your donation through PayPal by clicking the top "Donate Now!" button below, or download the donation form from the bottom of this page. Thank you for your generosity.
*Any such funds not used for Typhoon Haiyan relief will be used for future international disaster relief purposes.

Support disaster relief efforts in the Philippines,
specifically for dentists and others providing
dental care in the aftermath Typhoon Haiyan.

 Disaster Assistance - Philippines

Support the ADA Foundation's Emergency Disaster
Assistance Grant Program, which can provide emergency assistance
to dentists affected by a declared disaster.

Emergency Disaster Assistance


Make a general donation to the ADA Foundation
and your donation will be used to support
the area of greatest need.

 Greatest Need

Support Give Kids A Smile®-related efforts
that help provide oral health care and education to children in need
across the nation.

Give Kids A Smile®

Support the ADA Foundation's research efforts
including the Dr. Anthony Volpe Research Center,
and research awards for dental students.


Support dental education
including the ADA Foundation's Dental Student Scholarship Program
and Allied Dental Student Scholarship Program

Dental Education

Support access to care initiatives that
provide oral health care for underserved children and adults.

Access to Care


There are three additional ways to donate:

Download the ADA Foundation Donation Form.

CALL the ADA Foundation at 312.440.2547 to make your donation by phone.

FAX the ADAF Donation Form to 312.440.3526.

MAIL your check made out to the ADA Foundation, along with the completed donation form, to:
ADA Foundation
211 E. Chicago Ave., Ste. 2100
Chicago, IL 60611

If you have questions or need additional information, please call the ADA Foundation at 312.440.2547.  Thank you!