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Disaster Relief

When disasters around the world occur, the American Dental Association and its members respond to provide assistance.

The Division of Global Affairs manages these humanitarian relief programs on behalf of ADA members, working closely with other organizations, national dental associations in the affected country (when possible), and dentists and health care professionals in the affected country. These projects position the ADA as an active partner in the global oral health arena to contribute to improvements in oral health worldwide.

Donations for Philippines Disaster Assistance

The ADA Foundation has established a fund for ADA members and others wishing to support dentists in the Philippines and others who are providing dental care in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Please consider making a donation to the ADA Foundation.

Similar to ADA members' generous support following the disasters in Japan and Haiti, all donations will be combined, and a grant will be issued from the ADAF directly to the ADA's Division of Global Affairs, which will identify and work with a reputable nonprofit (NGO) to distribute the funds appropriately to serve the greatest need.

A rebuilt dental office in HaitiAdopt-a-Practice: Rebuilding Dental Offices in Haiti

On Jan. 12, 2010, a massive earthquake devastated 35 dental practices in Port-au-Prince, Haiti—nearly a third of the city’s dental offices. With about 350 dentists for a population of 9 million, Haiti has the lowest ratio of dentists per population in the Western hemisphere. Due to the depressed economy in Haiti, even a small contribution can make a difference. 

Three years later, seven dentists are now treating patients and providing free care in their community thanks to the ADA/HVO Adopt-a-Practice Rebuilding Dental Offices in Haiti campaign. The Haitian dental practices that received support for reconstruction intend to “pay-it-forward,” continuing to donate some of their dental services to a very needy population.

Read more about this project in ADA News.

Assistance to Affected Dentists, Practices in Japan

On March 11, 2011, following a multi-dimensional disaster, 562 Japan Dental Association (JDA) members were affected, and more than 1,200 offices and clinics were destroyed or closed for a lengthy period.

The Division of Global Affairs spearheaded fundraising efforts for ADA members who wished to support the JDA in relief. Henry Schein Cares Foundation and the Japanese American Dental Society also contributed funds, and all contributions were matched by the ADA Foundation. Approximately $63,000 was donated to the JDA to assist in their recovery and relief efforts.  

Read more about relief efforts and ADA member support in the June 2011 ADA News.