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Give Kids A Smile would not be possible without the generous support of our corporate co-sponsors, which have provided millions of dollars worth of products and services.

*Sealant and Etchant Kit - The sealant kit includes sealant and etchant material. One kit contains enough sealant to treat 70 teeth and enough etchant for 50 teeth. Therefore the etchant material may need to be supplemented.


Important Dates
11/9/12 Product Request Deadline
12/3/12 Product Recipients List Posted
Week of 01/21/13 Product Delivery Deadline

Henry Schein Dental
Exclusive GKAS Provider of Professional Dental Products

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Exclusive GKAS Provider of Consumer Dental Products


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DEXIS® donates the use of digital X-ray systems with staff support to U.S. dental schools requesting assistance, state associations and large group practices during GKAS events. 

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