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Note: These activities may be helpful in presenting career information for a career day or other career event.

General Information for the Presenter

This material offers suggestions to a presenter on how to use the Something to Smile About-Careers in the Dental Profession career day print and audio visual resources. All of the materials can be used alone or in combination with the other materials depending on the time available and the preferences of the presenter. Possible time frames to complete each activity are listed below and are highly variable depending on the size of the audience, the amount of discussion, and other variables . The presenter may do all or a portion of the activities. These materials are appropriate for middle school/high school aged audiences as well as undergraduates.


Presentation Goals

  1. To introduce participants to the dynamic world of careers in the dental profession
  2. To share your personal experience as a dental health professional
  3. To provide the next steps for interested candidates

Introduction (approximately 10-15 minutes)

  • Share goals of career day (above) including an agenda as a guideline for the upcoming activities and to be passed out to the participants. (See the accompanying agenda).
  • Have each participant introduce himself/herself and mention one thing they're looking for in a career! (Optional exercise)
  • Conclude by stating why dental careers are SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT! (For example, for dental laboratory technology, the opportunity to use artistic, creative talent, high tech methods and the reward of helping others could be highlighted. Short-term training, the variety of tasks and a great deal of people contact could be highlighted for dental assisting.

Video Presentations (approximately 10 minutes each)

Show any of the video presentations promoting dentistry, dental assisting, and dental hygiene careers. A VCR/TV is needed to show the video presentations.

DVD Productions

"Something to Smile About, A Career in .." are 10 minute promotional DVDs that showcase dentistry and careers in the dental profession. Order DVDs and other materials by visiting the Something to Smile About Resources page.

Supplemental Materials

Optional narration/supplemental information is part of the recruitment packet of materials and may be used to provide an overview of basic information. Handouts of the PowerPoint presentations may be distributed to the audience to reinforce the information on the screen.

A preview of the videos and PowerPoint presentations is available in the Your Oral Health, Something to Smile About-Careers in the Dental Profession section.

Question & Answer Time Following Visual Presentation (approximately 15–20 minutes)

Here are some ways to stimulate discussion:

  • Ask the audience what they liked/disliked about the career area.
  • Pass out short scenarios of "real life" experiences detailing why a particular career was chosen. This activity could take place individually or in small groups.

Share Personal Experiences Ideas (approximately 10–15 minutes)

  • Highlight your own experiences as a dental health professional
  • Ask a member of your dental team staff (including dental laboratory technicians ) to share with the participants what attracted them to the career, what they like about it and other information.
  • Share examples of successful allied dental health personnel that you have known: the personal characteristics, traits and career advantagessuchas flexibility, variety of personal satisfaction and excellent working conditions, job demand and short-term training. Personalize these traits as you share this information.

Distribute the Appropriate Fact Sheet(s) (approximately 10–15 minutes)

Highlight the challenges and rewards in terms of the personal characteristics (as mentioned above)

Closing (approximately 10–20 minutes)

  • Ask participants to share what they learned from the activity.
  • Summarize important points on why careers in the dental profession ARE SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT!
  • For interested candidates, mention the idea of talking in person to someone in that field (offer to give them the name of a contact and a list of possible questions to ask). Also, interested candidates could be requested to complete mini career surveys for dental assisting and/or dental hygiene (website above). You may also want to provide them with the names of accredited educational programs in the area and/or refer them to a high school or college career counselor for further information.

Leave Behinds (approximately 10–15 minutes)

If possible, provide participants with mouth mirrors, key chain mirrors or other items that you can purchase from the ADA product catalog and/or other possible sources.