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The American Dental Association endorses the fluoridation of community water supplies and the use of fluoride-containing products as a safe, beneficial and cost-effective public health measure for preventing tooth decay. The US Public Health Service has established the recommended level for fluoride in water supplies of 0.7 - 1.2 parts per million (ppm).

At 1ppm, one part of fluoride is diluted in a million parts of water. 1ppm can be represented as:

1 inch in 16 miles
1 minute in 2 years
1 cent in $10,000

Fluoridation is one of the very few public health measurers that actually saves more money than it costs. The average lifetime cost per person to fluoridate a water supply is less than the cost of one dental filling.

Is my water fluoridated?

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IMAGE: Photographic examples of healthy teeth and of mild, moderate and severe tooth decay.

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