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Dental School is a serious commitment of time, energy and money. Make the most of your educational experience with these resources from the ADA.

Access to Care Infopak

Thanks to prevention and early detection, the nation’s overall oral health is improving! But there still is much to be done in providing oral health care to those who are in need but can’t afford, or don’t have access to routine check-ups.

Unfortunately, access to preventive and restorative dental services is not a reality for many. Those who have difficulty accessing care can include children from low-income families, low income senior citizens, persons with disabilities and persons who live in remote areas. With help from law- and policymakers at the state and federal levels, members of the health community, and other stakeholders, the American Dental Association is striving to ensure the availability of accessible and affordable oral health care to anyone and everyone. 

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Ergonomics for Dental Students Infopak

More than 70 percent of dental students reported neck, shoulder and lower back pain by their third year of dental school, according to a study published in the January 2005 JADA. Physical habits can have real consequences! Learn how to protect yourself and your earning potential by practicing good ergonomics. 

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Managing Stress Infopak

Being a dental student is stressful, but remember that you are not alone! Many of your fellow students may be experiencing similar stressors. That’s why the Office of Student Affairs developed this Infopak to help you find simple coping mechanisms to challenges that many students face. Inside you’ll find how your fellow students cope with stress, as well as a few suggestions for temporary relief.  

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