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Dental Practice Management

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Almost three-quarters of all dentists choose to become solo business owners. For you as a small business owner, the ADA continually develops a wide variety of resources. These are a few of the practice management topics members tell us they need help with—starting, structuring, designing, staffing, managing, growing, transitioning, selling and closing your practice. The Council has also developed resources for associating, emergency preparedness, disaster planning and recovery, health and wellness—in other words, all the non-clinical aspects of running your practice.

Not sure which of these resources addresses your specific question? Or are you intimidated by the overwhelming task of starting a practice? Give us call at the toll free ADA number, x2895 or send us an e-mail at

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Practice Management Resources 

ADA Catalog Products: Practice Management

    ADA Catalog Products: Marketing

Find more products at the ADA Catalog

Council of Dental Practice Products

To order the products below either:

  • Complete and mail or fax the order form (address and fax number on form)
  • Call the ADA Toll Free Number, x2895 or 312-440-2895

Marketing Resources: Set includes the following:

  • Marketing Resources Guide
  • Surveys for the Dental Practice

Practice Management Guidelines: Set includes the following:

  • Communicating Infection Control to Your Patients
  • Establishing a Dental Placement Service
  • Flexible Benefit Plans In A Dental Office
  • General Guidelines for Developing Business Plans
  • General Guidelines for Written Employment Agreements Between Dentists & Employees
  • Informed Consent and the Law Article
  • Resources for On-the-Job Training of Dental Assistants

Survey Research on Dentistry: 

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Practice Management Programs

CELL Seminar Series Program

  • Practice Management and Clinical Programs

Online Continuing Education (CE) for Dentists and Team Members

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Dental Team Resources and Activities

Certified Dental Technicians Recognition

Today's dentists work closely with their dental laboratory technicians to provide the best prosthetic treatment for patients. As part of its mission, the Council on Dental Practice wishes to highlight the significant contributions that Certified Dental Technicians have made to the progress of the profession. Again this year, the ADA, working with assistance from the National Association of Dental Laboratories, is recognizing those CDTs celebrating their 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 50th and 55th anniversary of certification. Below are documents containing the names and addresses of technicians who are part of this recognition. You may also wish to acknowledge these individuals through an announcement or the publication of these names in your journal.

Downloadable Anniversary Certificate for Dental Office Staff

A sincere expression of appreciation from a supervisor or coworker that recognizes an employee's contribution can increase the employee's self-esteem and motivation. Download this anniversary certificate, print it on certificate paper (available at any office supply store), place it in a nice frame, present it at a staff meeting and display the framed certificate in the office.

How a recognition award is presented can be just as important and meaningful as the award itself—give details of the award (how many years of being a hygienist, time at the practice), ask other staff members to speak, and invite family members or friends, if possible. Not only is this a great staff morale builder, the framed certificate also highlights the professionalism and experience of your staff to your patients.

Note: It is the responsibility of whoever downloads and customizes this certificate to verify the accuracy of the information on the certificate.

Customize the Certificate:

Additional Resources 

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Dentist Health and Wellness

Dentistry can be stressful and poses unique challenges and risks to its practitioners. The ADA Well-Being and Assistance Programs offer confidential assistance for dentists and/or their concerned family members.

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Council on Dental Practice (CDP)

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Practice Management and Allied Dental Personnel Resources Web Sites

The listing of internet resources in the downloadable document below is a compilation of resources from many different areas of the Association and outside the ADA that may address questions that you and/or your staff have about the day-to-day office activities. The good thing about the internet is the easy, instant access it offers; the downside is that it is not easy to properly phrase a question to find the correct answer nor can you always judge the veracity of information. The list categorizes some broad topics that members and allied dental personnel call the ADA about often and it offers Web sites or resources that may address those issues.

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