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It became apparent following the tragic events of the fall of 2001 that the nation was not adequately prepared to respond to a significant bioterrorism attack. A great amount of time and resources were subsequently devoted to achieving an adequate state of preparedness for possible future events of this nature. Dentistry considered its potential role in responding to a significant bioterrorism attack during the first part of 2002 and reached a consensus on its role. That consensus was reported in The Journal of the American Dental Association in September 2002.  

In the following sections, you will find information related to bioterrorism and emergency preparedness. New information and resources will be added to this area as they become available.  

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The ADA wais pleased to collaborate with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in this cooperative effort to provide information about smallpox to all dentists in the U.S. It is likely that dentistry could be called upon to provide assistance in the immediate aftermath of a significant bioterrorism attack, especially when the traditional medical capabilities in a community have been overwhelmed. We strongly recommend that you develop a special “bioterrorism” file in your office for this information and additional educational materials to help prepare for such an event..  

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