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IMAGE: Toothflix Patient Education DVD Series banner

What’s new in Toothflix® 2.0?

Our Toothflix 2.0 DVDs look better, sound better, and now include Spanish. We’ve made the videos shorter and snappier to hold patients’ attention. And three all-new videos are included: TMJ, Tooth Decay, and the animated hit Dudley’s Grade School Musical.

Get the Toothflix 2.0 Complete Series for all Toothflix segments, or focus on a set of topics with the Kids, Reception Area or Procedures programs.

Coming soon as an iPad app, too! Watch for details.

Toothflix 2.0 is:

  • An essential patient communication tool for health awareness, case acceptance, informed consent or entertainment.
  • Filled with up-to-date content reflecting the ADA’s standards of clinical excellence.
  • Easy to use. Just put it in a DVD player or computer’s DVD drive, choose an episode from the menu and press Play.
  • Flexible. Segments can be shown as needed in treatment rooms, or run on a loop in the reception area.

Toothflix 2.0 is also perfect for school visits or group home presentations.

Toothflix 2.0 Features

  • Detailed, lifelike 3D renderings of dental issues and treatments
  • Patient-doctor scenes put real-life patients at ease
  • Each DVD features both English and Spanish audio
  • Subtitles included in both English and Spanish
  • Most videos now under two minutes long
  • Play as a loop or show one episode at a time