Apply to Serve as a Public Member of the JCNDE 

The JCNDE is charged with electing a public member to serve as a commissioner.  The term of the current JCNDE public member will end in October 2014. Applications are now being accepted for the 2014-2018 term.

It is suggested that the public member not be employed by a firm with a substantial interest in dentistry or dental hygiene, and that the public member be experienced in health issues, testing, credentialing, or advocating the interest of the public. Not more than five percent of the public member’s income shall be derived from the Joint Commission, dentistry, or dental hygiene.

The public member shall not be a (n):

  • Dentist
  • Dental hygienist
  • Dental student
  • Dental hygiene student
  • Faculty member of an accredited dental school or dental hygiene program
  • Employee of the Joint Commission
  • Member of another health profession
  • Professional who has represented the Joint Commission, dental profession, or dental hygiene profession for a fee in the last five years
  • Spouse of any of the above

Interested applicants should download and complete the following application, include a current resume, and apply by the March 14, 2014 deadline

2013-2014 IDEA Grant Program Applications

The 2013-2014 IDEA Grant application cycle is now closed. The Joint Commission appreciated your interest in this program. 

JCNDE Unofficial Report of Major Actions 

The JCNDE meets once a year. The documents below are available to download and provide a source of information for members and communities of interest.

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