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Read first-hand experiences from members who have volunteered their time and expertise to help in underserved countries around the world. They did it, and so can you!

"I think that our activities met the needs of the local students and institution. I felt that we were able to devote plenty of time to teaching activities that were meaningful for our audience. I am glad that we had the opportunity to work with such a variety of students in many settings. It never got dull...A teacher can never doubt the rewards of having students listen and adopt your teachings. The camaraderie of sharing with teaching colleagues was very rewarding. The chance to meet and work with another periodontist from my own country was also very rewarding. I formed many friendships that will carry on. My parting from the students and faculty included an invitation to return."
— James P. Fancher, DDS, PhD, Nicaragua  
"It quickly becomes apparent that you do what is in the patient’s best interest. When I realized that I could not apply US standards to this site, I realized I was providing a valuable service. From that moment on I felt this to be a very rewarding experience… We came away realizing that you can do with a lot less—people are people wherever you go—it is a wonderful to reach out and give a helping hand, to share your particular skills, with others. My wife and I want to encourage everyone to try some type of volunteer work. You will come away feeling good about yourself and the opportunity to meet new peoples will change your life."
— Dexter Quiggle, DDS, St. Lucia 
"I believe the experience was rewarding to all parties involved. The doctors, students and staff could not have been warmer, more welcoming or appreciative of our time spent with them. They were actively engaged in the lectures, asked questions and copied all of our materials and slides. Clinical sessions were rewarding in the attention they displayed, the assistance they provided and in their interest to try the techniques after we left… This was my first experience as a health volunteer. The experience of teaching and sharing my knowledge was thoroughly enjoyable. The doctors and the staff were appreciative and attentive. They need help with the experience we can bring and I was encouraged by them to return which I would love to do. I would highly recommend the experience to fellow colleagues."
— Steven E. Markowitz, DDS, MSD, Vietnam

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